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On-Demand Training

Work at Your Own Pace

Online Learning Platform with videos, handouts and supporting resources

18 EMDRIA Credits

EMDRIA Approval #: #19005-DL09


This course provides an introduction to Structural Dissociation and utilization of all 8 Phases of EMDR with dissociative clients. Practical interventions and demonstrations ar​e presented to help participants have strategies to ethically implement with clients. This presentation is informed by the research and publications of known experts in the field.

Please Note: This training focuses on dissociation in adults. The material may apply to adolescents, but this training is not structured to focus on working with dissociation in children.


Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the training, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the nature of dissociative disorders and how they relate to trauma processing with EMDR Psychotherapy
  • Apply Techniques to appropriately prepare a client with a dissociative disorder for EMDR in a way that reduces risk of patient harm
  • Identify various interventions to work with client's dissociative symptoms for the goal of personality integration using parts work in combination with EMDR Therapy


This is an EMDR Advanced Training. Participants must have completed an EMDR Basic Training previously to participating in this training. To verify, participants must submit a scanned copy or photo of their EMDR Basic Training certificate of completion to before they will be provided access to the on-demand training materials. 




Participants who are EMDRIA members will receive 18 EMDRIA credits upon full completion of the course.

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