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Specialized Therapeutic Services

Our Approach

Life can lead us down painful, frustrating, and confusing roads. Sometimes we have no idea how we lost ourselves, or how to get ourselves back again. We wake up one day and realize that our relationships are suffering, our own happiness is hard to find, and we are riddled with anxiety, anger, and shame. Asking for help can be one of the hardest steps in getting your life back. Admitting that you can't swing this on your own is a feeling nobody wants. But the truth is, we all have points in our lives where we need extra support. It takes courage to get better; to look in the mirror and say, "I am not going to live like this anymore." Counseling can help you on your journey to get "unstuck" and become the person you want to be.


At LK Institute, our counselors utilize a very specific theoretical approach that aims to treat the core issues. We see symptoms as a byproduct of life experiences and negative beliefs about ourselves. We believe in finding the root of the problem and underlying core issues creating current difficulties. The Adaptive Information Processing Model informs our therapy and operates on the premise that neural networks can be restructured to change thoughts, emotions and behaviors.


Use of EMDR Psychotherapy allows our clinicians to provide clients a concrete conceptualization of present issues and a concrete plan for experiencing real change. While we believe in the importance of skill development, problem solving, and emotional support, we believe therapy needs to go much deeper. We aim to provide healing to all parts of oneself as opposed to just learning how to cope with one's injuries. We recognize that we can tell ourselves the "right thoughts" and "right feelings" al day long, but it doesn't always stick. At LK Institute, we are daily witnesses to clients experiencing psychological healing that is beyond internal coaching. Our specific approach is not for everyone. We are not surface-level therapists. We go to the difficult places because we know this is what is required for true change. We are gentle, but intentional with a plan to address your suffering. Because of our training and approach, we specialize in specific issues and conditions. Our areas of specialty include anxiety, low self-esteem, trauma, eating disorders, substance use disorders, self-harm, and dissociation. 

Meet the team!

Meet our team of providers.Feel free to call our office so we can learn more about you and who might be the best fit for your needs.

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