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Training Policies

Requirements for Participation

-Participants of any LK Institute training must be licensed mental health professionals, licensed to practice psychotherapy or are students and/or interns practicing psychotherapy.

-Participants understand that neither the trainer, nor other therapists/participants, shall be construed as providing supervision to a participant on any specific cases. Participants understand that while clinical possibilities may be discussed, and ideas may be shared in relation to the clinical situation presented, participants are solely responsible for the clinical management of their client(s)/patient(s) and are expected to exercise their best judgment in all relevant clinical matters. Participants understand that LK Institute can provide referrals for therapists should they request.

-Participants are expected to maintain a spirit of cooperation and mutual support for all in the training. Participants understand that attention seeking and/or conflict- generating behavior is not conducive to group learning. Participants understand that the training director has the right to dismiss anyone who is disruptive from the training at any time.

-Participants understand that in order to assure confidentiality of personal and clinical information, audio/ video recording by participants is not allowed. Participants understand that it is expected that all participants shall maintain the highest ethical standards of confidentiality regarding all personal and clinical information shared by others in this training. Participants understand that failure to maintain confidentiality shall be treated as a professional ethics issues and may result in immediate dismissal from the training program.

-Participants understand that whatever information is presented in these sessions is to be kept confidential among the participants both during and after their participation in the group. Participants agree to avoid disclosure of client’s names or other identifying information in making verbal presentations and in sharing written documentation of the client sessions.

-Participants understand that there may be further eligibility requirements and/or prerequisites specific to a particular training, and that they must meet those eligibility requirements and/or prerequisites to participate in that training.  Specific eligibility requirements and/or prerequisites will be listed clearly on the webpage and/or within the registration form for that training. 

Confidentiality of Participants

-Participants complete their registrations via a confidential platform. All participant records are maintained confidential, only accessible to LK Training staff.  

-Participants recognize that recording of any in-person, virtual, or on-demand training is strictly prohibited. Participants are held to the highest ethical standards of confidentiality regarding all personal and clinical information shared by others. Failure to maintain these standards shall be treated as a professional ethics issues and may result in immediate dismissal from the training program. 

-Participants understand that, while LK Institute does its best to create a private and confidential space for online participants by utilizing a HIPAA compliant platform, LK Institute cannot control whether participants record or sharing the training with others. Participants understand that, should LK Institute become aware they are recording or sharing the training with non-participants, it may result in immediate dismissal from the training program. 

Program Fees, Refunds & Cancellations

Program fees are listed clearly on the training's webpage. All training fees are non-refundable. Participants who wish to cancel their registration for a training may request crediting that payment towards an alternate upcoming training or consultation.  For requests or concerns regarding program fees, refunds, or cancellations, participants may reach out to the training team directly at  LK Institute reserves the right to approve or deny any request for refunds or crediting payments. 

ADA Assistance

All in-person trainings are held in facilities which are in compliance with the Americans Disabilities Act. Please contact 72 hours in advance of the training if special accommodation is required.

Grievance Policy

LK Institute seeks to do its best to assist any participant with questions or concerns. Participants are welcome to provide feedback and ask questions at any point in time. Those wishing to discuss concerns/questions/comments may email the training team at Participants are also provided the opportunity to offer feedback during the evaluation provided at the completion of training. Participants wishing to file a grievance or complaint may request a grievance form at  All grievances and complaints will be reviewed by trainer and responded to within 7 business days.

Lauren Kiser EMDR Clinician

Trainer Credentials & Experience

Dr. Lauren Kiser, PhD, LPC-S, CED-S, EAC

Lauren Kiser, owner and founder of LK Institute, is extremely passionate about the results clients experience with EMDR Psychotherapy. In fact, her belief in EMDR was the driving force behind her becoming a trainer and developing LK Institute. Lauren has years of leadership experience in substance use and eating disorder treatment programs at all levels of care. She served as the lead research assistant in a Correctional and Forensic Research laboratory where she studied behavioral patterns of offenders with severe and persistent mental illness. Lauren has presented at the EMDRIA annual conference and provides consultation to therapists all over the world. She is energized by equipping therapists to feel confident in their skill set and is known for being an effective teacher. Lauren completed her doctorate degree researching the development of counselor competency. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor, a Certified Eating Disorder Specialist Supervisor, EMDRIA Approved Consultant and Trainer, and an Adult Complex PTSD & Dissociation Specialist.

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