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couple therapy


      Lauren held a strong passion to create a place where therapists could thrive and pursue their clinical interests to become the best advanced therapists possible. She dreamed of creating a facility where people would find therapy that worked to truly resolve underlying core issues, as opposed to just learning how to cope or manage negative experiences and patterns. 

      As Lauren's practice began to grow, she hit an impasse and needed a full time partner to manage operations and practice logistics. Her husband, Aaron, believed in her vision and approached her with an opportunity that would involve tremendous risk. Aaron volunteered to quit his full time job and step into the role of Director of Operations with the goal of helping LK Institute reach more people. Though the learning curve was...steep, Aaron and Lauren complement each other in a phenomenal way and truly make LK Institute possible as each of their skill sets are fostered. 


As a family business, there are a few things that we understand and value as a team at LK Institute. We believe that we must take risk in order to find change and that the root of all success is hard work and dedication. We believe a balanced life with support of friends and family is a priority. We know what it is to create something, grow it, love it and not take what we have for granted. As a family business, we do not see our client's as a number, or just another phone call. We aim to treat each person who walks in our doors as we would want our own loved ones to be treated. We try to be fair and make practice decisions with integrity. We commit to practice our values to the best of our ability as we all learn and grow together.

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